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wednesday 14/07/2010

Lol i was hoping for it, i guess i will hav to buy off the market then smiley o well lol

Ill give you taham fuzz leila angie shakra

Please smiley

She has been sold, close this please. smiley


Good luck with those prices all of them above market price

Plz close Thank You

Close this one, already bought one smiley

Will sell 7 Orlandos and 7 Elixir.

BID START at 2.2k ??? wooooooooooooooooooots .

1.3k Is the leading bid

But Ambre does turn a bad starter card (Simon) into a Lyse Teria Cr smiley

I'm selling my leader Eyrik for 3000, will go less but nothing below 2000

I thought u were sellin

Ill will buy her for 15.5k.

Will no offers for now ... so i guess ill sell them myself .

ohh and Ppl who dont know you dont have to ask mods to close your subject >.> you can do it yourself .

im just sick of Seeing Ppl still say Please close so im just saying you can do it your self if you Look at the upper right corner Lol .

tuesday 13/07/2010

I checked the prices with my collection...what youre trying to sell isnt worht 35 k smiley its worth 30k at the most

Title says it all

Jay 0xp for louse,rolph and rubie

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