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monday 21/06/2010

Admiral Pi Cr

My 0exp Ombre cr +10k for a full elya cr
or 0exp ombre cr for Kerozinn cr +25k


Ok PriminzTr, I messaged you, Mods plz close.

sunday 20/06/2010

Mod we can close ...

Ok, please close. but If somebody want to buy him, PM me.

If u have sayura left, ill but them both or however many you still have.


it's a great up ; )

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Hey, i'm looking to buy a Sigma for 1.2k. Please PM me and private sale me. Thanks.

Hello i search a tessa cr send me a pm when you are interessted

Plz close this

Umm i told to close this..y aint this closed?

saturday 19/06/2010

Jackie 22,000 Clintz
Ambre 22,000 Clintz
Copper 10,000 Clintz
Graksmxxt 9,000 Clintz
Direct Cash 40,000 Clintz

Total = 103,000 Clintz

All prices are based on face value at the time of viewing my collection. I also have several "Who's Who?" of the New Blood valued at 100-2000 Clintz if desperately seeking a marginal difference. Thanks in advance for any deals or offers and thank you mods for all that you do.

I want to buy the complete Rescue Clan

I offer 75k Clintz for the complete clan or 32k Clintz for all non Cr cards.

Are you still looking for the trade on sylth....

if so let me know.

the market is currently as i wrote this message
17.2K clintz Sylth
12.9K Clintz Ghumbo

make it the 4300 clintz difference and you have a deal my sylth is full .. let me know if you would like this deal either way yes or no..


That is a bit unfair from now on u must bid at least 5 clintz higher

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