sunday 05/12/2010

We want more souls.... I mean people smiley

saturday 04/12/2010

How about guild=1171781 we are very friendly and are in the middle of a huge recruitment so so one o the admins made me admin right away!Oh and by the way Keegan.Spindler you have to put guild before :1180842 for ex. guild:1180842 .



Join my guild called URE Enigma! we would love to have you join! go to my profile page and click on URE Enigma!smiley

Nevermind I joined guild=1171781


Wee need members bad, just started but heading to the top, join us and we will take it over!!!!!! The Legion is Coming!!!!!

Close please already found a guild

Good luck finding a guild smiley

friday 03/12/2010


thursday 02/12/2010

Join The M.O.B! Active boards, i'm on DAILY!

Masters of Battle

Master rivals is looking for anybody so have your friends join with you

wednesday 01/12/2010

The guild still has some room for people who wish to join us. smiley

Join The M.O.B! I'm on daily also. Lots of GREAT members always willing to Help

Masters of Battle

Dont ask to join.just apply.coz some1 pmed me and he is refusing pms

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