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friday 18/06/2010

That truth but that is because of the new card just came out they will bounce back in the place expect Rosa remove her from the list Plus i did say price might change

thank you

Thaumaturge Cr 65k

rein cr 120k each
or 220k for both

280k for all pm me !

Lol 20k too

Yeah i want to but for more.

Lol sorry in 30 years maybe you'll have made 10k

I dont know how 2 trade so if u intrseted sent me the insturstions
mawpin and lelena for
sender from vortex!!.

its a great deal,0 exp or max i dont mind!
just i want him soo badly because i collet skeelz and mightmare, but i want vortex soo ill give up my nightmares. i cant get rid of skeelz cuz i got the whole lot smiley
plz pm me..
soz if i go on


I change my flavio cr 0xp for 0xp car`ts in valour at 575k, complete clan or cr`s.

or i sel it for 550k in cash.

tell me your offer thanks.

thanks mod for accept the subject.

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Its still available

Thx mods but already buy it. you can close

Close, please mods.

Il sell it for 7.1k.

Done. thanks Wolverine.

My max exp Marina for a 0 exp Marina. Any1 willing to trade plez do reply or PM me.


I want to trade my 0exp Selsya Cr for full exp Selsya Cr + 15k - 20k in clintz
Pm me

Thanks Mods

Wrong subjectsmileysmiley

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