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friday 29/10/2010

Thanks guys, you can close this upsmiley

Close please

I would give you 95k for the nightmares

Update : I have clintz now, so if you are not interested in Methane i can change it into Ghumbo 0xp and 2-3k

Trade to my two KOLOS smiley

Ok i add Smokey Cr and 30k,
So Lamar Cr + Beltran Cr + Tanaereva Cr (0xp) + Smokey Cr + 30k for Dragan Crsmiley

I WTB Dragan Cr for 420k..


Raise a bit more and we can talk smiley

thursday 28/10/2010

Close please

Hi, wanna trade Marlysa Cr for 62.000 clintz and
2 Ombre Cr (1 0 exp)
Ambrose Cr
chad bread cr
Page Cr
diyo cr
Caelus 0 exp
If you are interested to trade your marlysa ,please send me a messagesmiley

thx mod smiley

Thanks mods, you can close this nowsmiley

I trade my Jane Ramba 0exp for a full Jane Ramba more a complement, it can be in clitntz or in some card.

500k anyone ?

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