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tuesday 15/06/2010

My Morphun Full + Dorian Full + Cassandra Full + Rubi 0xp smiley

Last up.. then i'll close the subject!

Oh please man that s not the way doing business here we see a not fair trade so not good here smileysmileysmiley

To Spreader

So I need these cards. This list is what I currently need, I will try to edit it as often as new cards find their way into my collection.

Dan (C)
Acid DC (C)
Morlha (C)
Vryer (C)
Flyer (C)
Alice (C)
Pulsar (C)
Syd Noze (C)
Samantha (C)
Tobbie (C)
Walden (U)
Miss Ming (U)
Aurelia (C)
Frankie Hi (U)
Flo (U)
Narendra (C)
Wheeler (U)
Naykee (U)
Vinny (U)
Phonos (U)
Stanford (C)
Maamoon (U)
Milovan (U)
Massiv (U)
Miken Moose (C)
Veronica (C)
Ludmilla (C)
Crystal (U)
Otakool (U)
Soushee (C)
Tamy (C)
Wayne Stark (U)
Gastroboy (U)
Tanner (U)
Lewis (C)
Randy (U)
Yusuke (U)
Burt (C)
Kluwn (U)
Eve (U)
Chlora (C)
Oscar (U)
Asporov (U)
Veccio (C)

Thanks to all : )

Try the french message boards. I will translate if you want.

i change u
ambrose cr
elya cr
a award cr
reine cr
for full and 90 00 clinzs so?

Who wants a Admiral Py Cr for 4100 clintz
and a Chikko Cr for 6400 clintz?

monday 14/06/2010

I can buy all zodiack too 180 clintz for one.
Please send me for private sales. smiley

Close please. Thank you.

Your baldovino my bodgan

This auction ended in May already

Ill pay 4.2k pllease pm if u want deal

I am willing to trade my Alec Cr plus 1k for the following:

Pm me for a faster response


The junkz I got are


and then Gertjan from roots
Post or PM me smiley

Close please. thank you

Hello people i sell my tanaereva (full exp)+ wee lee (full exp) + stanly (full exp) for 52 k smiley

Pm me your offers.

thank modsmiley

Already bought one .... close pls

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