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wednesday 22/09/2010

Thankyou Dunc8, please close

tuesday 21/09/2010

Trading Gil and Jane Ramba for Ambre.

PM me.

Dragan Cr also gone.

Pleased to move over 800k in card on the English forum in under an hour. smiley smiley


Up for sale or trade are 18 Uranus 0xp cards. The sale price is 190k for the lot or you can offer me trades....I would like smaller cr's as trades such as Alec Cr, Smokey Cr, and Swidz Cr.

Feel free to pm me with offers or post on this board.

Thanks Mods for Posting smiley

The Flavio cr (0xp) is still available as is few other Cr's: vickie Cr (full) & Tanaereva Cr (full or 0xp)

Looking to buy/trade for a Guru Cr. My offer is 1.6 million clintz + 37 Jackie + 11 Tanaereva Cr + Vickie Cr. PM if your interested, thanks smiley

Please use the Strategy and Tactics: General Forum

Forget What I said , Its a nice deal now.
Anyway i hacve a deal :
Lamar cr 0xp + Kolos + Azgroth

I will trade my
Piranas Pack: Hawkins, Ulrich and dalhia (all Full)
in your
Ulu Watu Pack: Hikiyousan and Wee Lee (please 0xp)
and my
La Junta Pack: Amiral Pi Cr, Thormund and Emeth (all Full)
in your
Gheist Pack: Rolph, Lin Xia and Leviatonn (please 0xp)
or you can select your own pack of these cards
please look at current market value

PM me

Thanks Mod´s

Please use the Stratey and Tactics: General forum smiley

For alec cr if they are 0exp then ill trade 10 for 1, 21 for 2 and 32 for 3

I'm willing to trade Mona, Donnie and Gianfranco for Praxie and Corvus. PM me if you're interested or post here.

I have nerfeniti dietier eadh and aLMOs t all of the nightmares pm me if your stil intrested in anything

Mober can u at least answer me?

Don't have much clintz and will add some if helps

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