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wednesday 23/02/2011

I want guru cr , i offer 4 500 000 in cr

Excuse for my english ,

Price for 0xp emeth is 20k i sell mine for 19000

Now I'm looking for Miss Twice Cr 0xp, and other bulk Crs.
I have Splata Cr for trade

I already bought :
I need :

Market price ATM

Seldnor Cr 46k
Beltran Cr 104k
Selsya Cr 94k
Page Cr 58k
Swidz Cr 63k
Chad Bread Cr 29k

Looking for :
Splata Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Lamar Cr

Do u mean lvl 2???

I offer Tessa Cr + 2 Tanaereva Cr (Full) for a Dragan Cr + Terry Cr + Chikko Cr smiley pm me for a quicker response.

Thanks mods smiley

I have a spare Gabrielle, but I'd prefur to trade.
Message me and we can work something out.

...Did u seriously just ask that?

Lucia is up for trade too!

tuesday 22/02/2011

If I am 40k off tell us how you value each of the cards

1300 taljoin for full collection non cr smiley if its not fair trade plz tell me smiley and we can make it better .... ( ofc its more than fair smiley ) PM for Full non cr collection or some big cr

Wait till friday, Kronnen will drop down alot then.

Thank you for the 450 nobrocybix. Ill buy the rest if you drop them in my sales

0_o i think even a fully leveled one costs more..

monday 21/02/2011

Hello people i want trade my sum sam cr full for 1.2M

i accept this cards:

Marlysa Cr 700k each
Tessa Cr 310k each
Kerozinn Cr 170k each
Vickie Cr 185k each
Lamar Cr 210 each
Tanaereva Cr 90k each

if you are interested contact me in pm or here smiley

thank modsmiley

Buying them both for 40k, just stick'em in my private sales.

Hello smiley im searching for a Marlysa Cr (750k). for her i offer:
Miss Twice Cr 0exp (100k)
Tanaerva Cr 0exp (x2) (100k a piece)
Tessa Cr Full (350k)
Kolos 0exp and Full (x2) (about 90k)
plus the difference in clintz.

Pls Pm me if you have one and we can negotiate a deal.
Thanks Artemis-EVO for the help and corrections smiley

Noodile cr0xp= 8799
4 benson 0 xp= 6240
peeler 0xp=8680
ill even throw in 1500 clintz

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