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saturday 05/06/2010

Close, please. Thanks! smiley

friday 04/06/2010

Close please

If you think the offer is too low please make a new one

I would like to trade my Sylth for Jackie I will pay/give a card any differences in the price.

Got my Lao Cr .....One down, two to go smiley

Iam looking**

I will trade trade Hystrix, Elly Mae & Owen for a 0xp Stacey

I will only make this trade today due to the fact that her price is droping so fast

I want to trade my Rass (R) Cr with 0xp for either Lao Cr (Cr) (any xp) or Marlysa Cr (Cr) (any xp)

I currently have my Rass (R) Cr listed on the market for 750,000 but I am willing to consider other reasonable trade or sale offers.

You can PM me or just post any offers on this board

Thanks Guys & Gals

It's very rare to find a VERY generous player or simply generous because with one simple reason...... we just want to have a fair business with others, so posting those "generous" line wont help you IMO

I'm offering 22,000 clintz and Lullabee for your morphun. Pm me if you're interested. smiley
Thanks mods.

100 k Smoke Cr + Morphun for all clans

Close tnx !!!! smileysmileysmiley

Close plssmiley
@Yumulu-it's price is far higher than yesterday it was so you can buy it on the market,I have sold the other one already. sorry

I will sell u 1 for 1.5k

I want ghumbo, oshitsune...

For my hikiyousan, kenny

Resolved smiley .. u can closed smiley
ty 'n bye

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