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thursday 21/10/2010

I have marlysa Cr right here , and if you interesting , u can pm me

wednesday 20/10/2010

Still looking but I almost have a deal. smiley

I'm sorry for the confusion, I only have ONE HUNDRED of them. NOT one thousand.

Im buying 130 phonoses for 250 clintz, doesnt metter on which level, PM me for offers....

Im buying 130 phonoses for 250 clintz!if you have an offer, please PM me...thx!

lvl doesnt matter.....

I have Sledg, PM me a good offer

I will take Buba and Radek
PM if you accept

I accidently bought chat bread cr . selling him for 18500 , he's on the public market.

Still looking for about 480 guys thanks

Willing to trade cards worth a value of 600 000

I only accept what i wrote here so don't offer me bulks or other cards!smileysmiley

I am willing to trade my 0 exp Kolos for cards summing up to 44k clintz. I am interested in:

Ghumbo + Glorg + Azgroth + Blaaster. It's sums to 42.4k so if you give me those cards, I give you my 0 exp Kolos. Other offers must reach 44k or 43.8k to be exact.

Thanks mods.smiley

Please message me, first one gets the card.

190 k in clints or any combination in cards and clints.

Please contact me with your offer.

Thanks mods smiley

0xp Katan
Mostly wanted

tuesday 19/10/2010

The title says it all,
Pm me for further details
thanks mods

I'm selling 16 copies of luba for 3.7k . To buy single 250

Are you interested by manon cr full?
if it's "yes" pm me

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