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saturday 19/03/2011

Ill take seldnor for 50k str8, and nahi cr for a 0xp smokey cr, and 50k!


Jay - 1. Buy - 7 5 max - 14 495 Clintz sold by mirjon, 71h, 6min left.
Noodile Cr (0xp) - 12. Buy - 7 1 0 xp - 11 890 Clintz sold by ZS-mihawk92, 71h, 34min left.
Robb - 1. Buy - 5 4 max - 31 998 Clintz sold by Lupo WMD, 72h, 55min left.

TOTAL: 58,383

Caelus. - 1. Buy - 4 6 1775 xp - 62 000 Clintz sold by HL_Mr Sheub, 72h, 47min left.


Marlyse sold , you may close thanks smiley

2000 galen (1600 0xp)

Still looking for Swidz Cr. I am open to do other trades, so if your interested in trading your Swidz Cr, then just pm me or post here and we can negotiate and get a deal done.

Prices based on current market prices, 0xp costs more of course based on lvl up usage
12 full x 400 each = 4,800
13 at 3 star x 400 each = 5,200
183 at 2 stars x 420 each = 77,000
797 at 0xp x 430 each = 351,000

For the lot the cost would be 438k, I'm looking for trades, nothing specific, that comes close to this number.....willing to negotiate a trade just pm me your offer and we'll go from there smiley

thanks mods smiley

Havok + hawk + dorian + tyler + kamakura -= 20k
pm me

Up for trade:

Fang Pi Clang: Hattori
La Junta: Archibald, Bruce, Bryan, Chiro, Dacote, Dean, Gatline, Isatis, Jane Ramba, Naginata, Nahomi,
Ray, Thormund, Trish, Uxoh and Wardog
Montana: Edd, Enzo, Gianfranco, Mona, Oscar, Ottavia, Prince Jr, Sharon and Spiaghi
Skeelz: Complete (all 31)
Ulu Watu: Gabrielle, Gaia, Hikiyousan, Janice, Lin Bee, Nanook, Numar, Shayna and Taigo

Everything listed for 1 copy of Lamar Cr.

Send me a message and thanks!

My 0exp Marlysa Cr for a full exp Marlysa + 15k


Anyone? Please! smiley I can offer something.

Hello i will like to trade for a Marlysa Cr
0exp Dregn -47k
0exp Jay- 14k
Kolos- 47k
0exp Thaumaturge Cr- 97k
Selsya Cr - 96k
Beltran Cr- 128k
Miss Twice Cr - 114k
Splata Cr - 230k

Total is about 773k

marlysa Cr is about 780k

Pm me we can talk about a deal.

Thanks mods

friday 18/03/2011

Still looking for some offers?].

16,500? smiley

Still looking for trades.....anybody out there *echo's*

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I can trade sigmund cr+30 chiara + jackie cr for marlysa cr

Thank you smiley
hopefully i get someone who wants it

I offer you 2 robb cr 0xp + 1 azgroth 0xp for the 40 ulrich

I know it's not Geuner Cr, but i can offer 3 Diyo Cr 0exp !! what do you mean ?!

Clintz depending on market price, can be more than 20k or can get less to equal the price.

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