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tuesday 29/06/2010

I got about 1 million clintz to spend on some cr's . I'm not gonna buy for more then what the market price is selling so don't spam me with ridiculous offers..

I buy Copper for 11k private sell me please smiley I will buy it from the one who sell it to me first.

smiley Add full Janine for 200

Just got smokey cr smiley

Still looking to trade them smiley

A deal is done please close.

I want her/him for about 4k
i already got sunder and neloe
so i need him plz say yes

Update: I buy all kind of characters 100 clintz each.

Lock i got her.

Close tnx

This Auction is over.

The reserves were not met for Lots #1, #3, & #4 so none of them will be sold.
I appreciate everyone's bids smiley

Im ok please close

Up please thanks mods smiley

Please, PM me and offer the price.

Final offer Sylth + 4000 Clintz for your 0 exp Jackie

I trade the next cards
askai, buba, niva, odile, ongh, pegh, radek and methane
all 4 your tanaereva

Il pay 6000 clintz for one of the 2 unccomon vortex cards.

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