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friday 17/09/2010

Kolos and dregn

I have Sigmund Cr+ 100 k clintz + lots of cards (no cr)

Buying Caelus for 17k asap XD

_Sage_ pm me since I can't pm you and lol getamac once againsmiley

I have some Smokeys for trade:

full xp Smokey for 10 Heegrn
full xp Smokey for 9 Deea
0 xp Smokey for 11 Heegrn
0 xp Smokey for 10 Deea

pm me if interestedsmiley

Got the cards - Lock please smiley

thursday 16/09/2010

Your Kreen + 7k for my Jay 0xp and Chiara 0xp. negotiable.

Ill take one in my ps for 70k

3000 for oflgn?

Bought two. Closed.

smiley no time wasters plz smileysmiley^

Hello everyone, looking to trade my Vickie Cr full xp + my Caelus 0xp for Kerozinn Cr. Negotiable.

Thanks mods for accepting the subject and everyone else for your interest, have a nice day.

The title says it all. my 0exp terry cr for
sasha maxed + 2 Chwing+1 dwan maxed. OR

Sasha maxed+ 2 dwan+1 chwing maxed

its pretty fair. atm terry is worth 5000 clintz.
sasha maxed 2250, and dwan maxed is worth 980, and chwing maxed is worth 950. this is atm.

so sasha 2250+980+980+950=5130

ill add the remaining clintz. if ur intersted pm. if u want to make ur own offer pm me. thanks in advance

1800 I'll take it.

I would like to trade 10 veenyles for a kenny. or 13 veenyles + clints for a copper. thanks mods.smiley

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