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monday 07/11/2011

If it helps you don't have to use uppers for the mission.

(Any mission which dosn't say it have to be done by a specific clan e.g reach level 5 in survivor can be done with any clan)

Nice deck. I would personally change Ronald to Ongh.

thursday 03/11/2011

wednesday 02/11/2011

Scary deck. smiley

p.s well done on getting 27 survivor.

Interesting deck. I would personally change Edwin to Sargh.

friday 28/10/2011

Nice deck. I would personally change Flanagan to Veenyle Cr, Onik to Lolly, Oflgn to Dregn and Sunder to Deea.

p.s if you want to make a link which is just the deck name, like this deleted, you only copy the "preset=2063599" and change the = to :

thursday 27/10/2011

14 with 3 splashes...impressive!

The thing with Ambre is that you only need 2 rounds to win, the two rounds she appears. smiley
Whether you are play ELO Survivor or even the more evil T2 version, she practically guarantees a victory in 2 rounds and that is 90% of every fight.

Everyone knows when they go against Ambre that you only have two rounds in which to win or create a lifegap sufficient enough.
The only clan (to date) that I have found to be effective against Ambre decks - Pussycats.
Their innate DR offers a certain amount of protection, because even though Ambre affects Power, damage is the thing that creates victory or loss.

Eyrik even though he offers constant power reduction his ability is still weak compared to Uppers or even Sakrohm.
The only time when Eyrik is devastating is with All Stars, practically a -3 Opp. Power each and every round but even then...if his deck faces Uppers and power reducing cards like Herman and Nellie...he still faces a VERY tough battle.

However, even though Ambre offers a certain amount of RIDICULOUS boost to power, they are not invincible.
Her ability creates predictability and the deck irrespective of clan, is still vulnerable to poison and DR.
Sylth, sigma, Muse and even Karrion are devastating as it affords additional damage during the Ambre rounds.

wednesday 26/10/2011

The mission just REQUIRES you to REACH TO SURVIVOR 5. Hope that helps. You should borrow Jackie, Zatman, and Dorian from a friend to help with your missions.

You should read the rules bro. They give info about all the game modes.

thursday 20/10/2011

You can not have any doubles in your deck. Also in Elo Survivor you must has a deck under 25* and no elo banned cards.

monday 17/10/2011

Nice deck. smiley

tuesday 11/10/2011

Sioux95sr: Most of the time people who don't make the lik, don't know how to which is why i help them by showing them how to. smiley

thursday 06/10/2011

tuesday 04/10/2011

monday 03/10/2011

For somereason its posted Jakson to Jakson to SkrumxxT lol.

it should be jakson to SkrumxxT.

saturday 01/10/2011

thursday 29/09/2011

I decided to scrap sentinel for rescue. Sentinel is great in the DT for me but I've always had less luck with it in survivor.

Yeah good deck, congratulations on getting 17 wins.

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