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thursday 09/12/2010

It will get fun in time smiley

It is the 4th best American guild in the game, run by the highest level American who plays the game.

wednesday 08/12/2010


tuesday 07/12/2010

Old thread.


Hi and welcome.
We are not borne and raised as Shadowed Angels that is something you become.
I have a dream that one day this world will accept every Angel, whether there is a shadowed or not!
I have a dream today.
So people, Angels, Shadowed Angels all I got to say is we got to stay together!
I encourage you all you guild less player out there, please.. oh please DO at least join up, I mean you got nothing to lose!

I will not filter this guild (maybe a little) so all will be welcome under some small conditions.
I will personally look up every player at least once before they are able to join.
We share tips and so in the guild board (don’t forget to present yourself when joining).
If enough players join (5+) then I will make a tournament (if wanted).
(English is a requirement (Don't need to have it as major language (I don't)))
If you now wondering.. Shall I join?
Then do!

Any questions you have about this guild you may ask my other members or myself.
Have a nice day.
Wishes http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild:1185726

If you are looking for an active fun guild we are your men!
(And we are men, no matter how much 0 Envied thinks we're girls!smiley)

monday 06/12/2010

Is there any guild out there that specializes less in fighting and more in collecting?

Looking for any active guild members.

Please.I am a dedicated member and i will do my best to help the guild succeed

Next time, try to make an effort and write something else than just a title.


Yeah! Bored is right. You should get to Lv15 ASAP if you want a fun guild with a friendly leader, i.e. Env1ed. He is a personal friend of mine and, once you're at 15, would be happy to accept you.

Join guild:1170196! We're Fun, Active, and Nice!! However if you want a really serious guild you may want to join guild=777097; they are our high-level divison.

sunday 05/12/2010

Want to become a legend?

Then join guild:1183348 !

We all help eachother with tips, Auctions, And mini games.

So what are you waiting for? Join now!

This is a new guild but help would be appreciated.


Apply to join the Nautical Trident guild! Currently accepting any applicants (lvl 5 and above) and there are no minimum requirements to join.


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