thursday 08/08

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Damn boi

monday 05/08

Why do I see Adytia Ld in the NB Packs smileysmiley

Is that supposed to be a mistake?

It was a lot of luck involved and even if i didn't had many tries in terminus and is only my inexperienced opinion,to get an MT seems super hard...Thanks for the insight though,,batdut,maybe the numbers of MT rewards were high and that's a valid reason for the mode not to be permanent as you suggested.

thursday 01/08

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thursday 25/07

Not to mention the mission categories is normally set as "LD" or "Flash" but this time it's "New blood", which is disabled.

saturday 20/07

I had fun with the Shift so when can we expect the next one?

friday 19/07

@Batdut "#Sakhrom"

Glad to see I'm still not the only one who spells it incorrectly after a decade. smileysmiley

wednesday 17/07

UPDATE OF STANDINGS - please set up update of EFC standings the way, that it is refreshed just before end of week. (now the game is over at 23:00 not at 24:00)

friday 12/07

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I wasn't sure what Sannihilator was talking about but now, after checking out the "Game > Characters" tab, I see its much improved!

As he said, some extra added clan info, but also a quick and easy way to choose the clan HUD or background. My favorite part is you put the clans' old background art there. It gives the page a huge nostalgia feel! smiley


thursday 11/07

There will be a new leader

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At the end of the month, it was a mistake smiley

tuesday 09/07

I agree with PrinceApathos I always lost against Nega D Ld and Saltsberg combo but now the card just seems pointless, why not just play Kazayan or even McNeal instead?

Positives though, the Nexus semi-evo looks interesting and the Kephren semi-evo looks potentially beastly, very tempted to try it

I have cleared your cache. After the next fight you will hopfully get him otherwise please contact support.

saturday 06/07

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Probably. They do them from time to time. In fact they did one on the app only since this one was released so keep your eyes peeled...

tuesday 02/07

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I just really like playing the card, because it's design is so rare. High risk, high reward. I think it's sad that a release of a new leader, and thus 1 combination, makes him not playable ever in efc. Normally he's so easy to counter and totally not ban worthy compared to pappa Gallo and El factor

@Piranga "@KurobaRyuu You are forgetting there are still bi-weekly missions to obtain random Ld's."
I didn't forget it. I didn't know that before smiley (although it's a bit mean to lump me up with the people you discuss with before and say it's my bad comprehending lol) Thank you for the information.
Let you know, I'm not the complaining type. I just ask it because someone as you may inform the information I didn't know.
Even though they decide to remove all LD mission except with the NB unlock I'm still ok with it.
This game information is not inform enough (except game mechanic). And wikia that ever active while I was playing before is all abandon so it's very hard to know these info when I just come back : ) Those legendary mission page is gone and there's none of these information in the page except the one that exists that time.

I must agree the new mission is easier and I'm happy with it except the nostalgia quest feeling is missing smiley

monday 01/07

-new changes in Training Mode ---> No more missions in LW? ?!?!?!?! smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

sunday 30/06

Will i still be able to update my account? I dont know if the support would respond to my request fast but i hope i can still change it before july

There is already a high res version of Miss Twice Cr
So i guess it's a money/copyright issue to update her.

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