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sunday 25/06/2017

As title, I finished Legendary missions, however, I see NO "Wild Holiday LD" in My-Collection-Pro.
Is it a bug or??? Anyone suffers the same issue likes me?

sunday 11/06/2017

I always feel the ruling class in Survivor is always Mono Decks. I see most cards in Survivor suffer without their bonus.

I don`t know, but my opinion in T1 Survivor.

thursday 27/04/2017

Yea i figured that out when the new version of the game battle for this came out you open all tab's before playing.
but for new players this is help full.

friday 03/03/2017

^ but switch out Dallas not Dwan having a few Drs is good.

thursday 02/02/2017

Type 2 is much straightforward, get 2 hits in you are set in most cases. It really does require very expensive deck. type 1 makes you think

friday 27/01/2017

Thak you for your suggestion @ - Q U E E N

monday 02/01/2017

XD Babs the boss, I'll try to talk to him.

friday 30/12/2016

Hello Guys,
this is my new deck for survivor T1. What do you think about it ?

thursday 29/12/2016

Two 5* is terrible. One low hand and your survivor gets reset.

saturday 17/12/2016

And thx Zachalex you made my day smiley

saturday 03/12/2016

I raptors running rampant in survivor t2 also cause they're every in t1

thursday 24/11/2016

Half Saks and Guiest would work pretty well.

wednesday 23/11/2016

Just use Ambre together with your type 2 deck. make sure you can kill in just 2 rounds. use Ksendra, Koshiro & Gork

monday 14/11/2016

Pre-nerf morphun was just a staple in most t2 decks, I think he is just played on your higher streaks these days because of that 10 maximum.

Hugo and Bridget were next priority if not morphun.

I think some leaders will be adjusted some day that they wil lbe used smiley

monday 31/10/2016

Survivor is a strange kind of game.

1) I'd rather put Oxo instead of Alaister: always have a soa in your deck.
2) You are missing a hell of an important card for Sakhrom: Mokhra, so i'd rather put him instead of Uranus, putting an Artus instead of hubert.
3) The truth is that the 4 and 5 stars of Sakhrom, which are great, are badly compensated by the 2 and 3 stars of nightmare, which are not so good with the exeption of Artus and Pandora.
4) I suggest you to equalize with another clan with better 2 stars, like, for example Frozn or Ulu Watu (Tormentah, Yodd, Dave, Mango).
5) I could tell you much more, but remember that in survivor luck plays a major role, it's stille the less meritocratic game mode of the game: you can see a Kiki + Ymirah deck even if you have all 3 of your 2 stars and a miserable 3 stars in hand when you have only 10 pillz.
6) The best suggestion I have is: play and play, know how much pillz you can play with every card against every card of other clans and try to be psychological when you have equal chance of winning against your opponent.

saturday 29/10/2016

Sahil has the stuff... Mono is not that good.

Though I would go for more damage on Vortex:

Nexus => Rahi Sledon

And on Sakrohm:

Dustyn => Oxo (he's the wall)

But yeh!

friday 14/10/2016

Most will say you need a leader

sunday 02/10/2016

Bodenpower gogogo
The low minimum forces the opponent to pill

sunday 04/09/2016

The main good decks I see in T2 are mostly Bangers and Raptors with Riots and Frozn sometimes showing up and obliterating me.

For whatever reason, I've only encountered one Uppers player in survivor, but I was completely outmatched.

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