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wednesday 28/09/2011

tuesday 20/09/2011

Interesting deck. smiley

saturday 17/09/2011

Playing against gheist is way too pain

friday 16/09/2011

Need more greens to 1000, thanks for all the ratings and comments so far! smiley

Good deck smiley

thursday 15/09/2011

Interesting deck. I would personally change Katan to Bloodh and Kristin to Ulrich.

wednesday 07/09/2011



This is what i suggest for a vortex mix

saturday 03/09/2011

It would be good if you'll make it to mono junkz
esp. when you are at 5+ streak
very risky when you got 1 junkz morphun and 2 piranas and vsing atk manipulators like uppers

thursday 01/09/2011

You want in dm quick 2hkos
Jay for Manfred Logan for Caelus and Chiara for Ambre
Your hands will very easy 2hko with each other Eloxia Jay = Win Eloxia Jay Ambre is OOOO

wednesday 31/08/2011

smiley Thats all i can say.

saturday 27/08/2011

There are a few changes you could make but for a deck using the cards you have its not that bad.

tuesday 23/08/2011

Oh thank you. Testing 二十八天後

monday 22/08/2011

Pretty good deck. I liked it smiley

Except for the part where your using rescue smiley

Estalt and ambre would work well.

friday 19/08/2011

Ambre all the way smiley

thursday 18/08/2011

I like the deck smiley

monday 15/08/2011

If they could only in one clan then you should use it. But on my opinion, NOT

thursday 11/08/2011

This deck might seems strong but without bonuses it might have difficaultys.

Interesting deck.

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