sunday 18/07/2010

A ton of cards can take him down. And even when you don't, he's a hefty 5 stars, meaning the other cards are bad. Another thing I notice:
If ghumbo is played, they don't pill big knowing people will bluff. So, using a good amount of pillz, he's beatable.

Sports Authority
rate and comment please

I made one similar to this idea: Ocean Vortex

Imba on the surface, but even the 4 "*s can hold their own.

I've drawn the best hand a couple of times too: Selma, Dalhia, Deea, dagg, and it's ridiculously overpowered.

Well it all depends on how well u think you're deck and your skill is.

Maybe you could try a few more matches if u think u can handle go for that collector card.

If its getting tough for u just stop now and get those 10credits and take another go at it next week.

Gheist love those two clans, SOA means most of your deck has 1 to 3 damage. That is also going against Gheists' average 4 to 6 damage. In ther words, unless you have Dorian, Gheist makes your deck feel like less of a man. Even Roots kill that deck. It's really just SOA, even one is bad enough. Only problem I see, if SOA isn't prelevent, that deck is plenty good.

It's a nice deck.

I think to me that with her you'll take big strap ELOsmiley

saturday 17/07/2010


Hmmm, I'd like more comments/critique. But all man can do is ask... *hinthint*

Yea cant go wrong with a Sakhrom half deck

Http:// here's a working link

Jessie => ashley.

you've got also many reductors.

Nistarok seems to be the weakest link imho,
because he is a 5* with only 5 damage and his damage reduction has a very high minimum, but he is in general a very good and flexible card... so I'm not really sure.

this (not my preset, sadly smiley ) is a very nice example of Nightmares and it also fixes the damage reduction problem they have nicely by adding Uranus as a splash: preset=1386711 []

FullMetalAlc be aware of the weaknesses of your clan, I like the cheap Montana & Hugo Combo (even now), but Hugo is banned too often and Montana has very low damage and you are most of the time forced to win 3 out of 4 combats which isn't that easy to pull off.

I understand that you feel overpowered by many expert players, but you just have to play more to understand the basics behind the game.

You need to know the rules:
- pills * power = attack
- equal attack ratings => lower star card wins
- equal attack ratings and stars => attacking card wins
- higher star count in your hand than your opponent => you have to start the round
- if you start the round => only one of your cards is not predictable for your opponent, this is a major problem if you have to start

While you are playing always take a look at your enemies cards and consider the following:
- is this card worth it to spend pillz against
- what are the remaining cards
- how many rounds does he need after this / or that / ... card to win
- is this card's ability scary enough to prevent me from pilling at all => might be a bluff (for Example Charlie or Uranus, heavy reduction AND heavy damage)
- be aware of the situational abilities
- be aware of when to pressure your opponent and when to bluff

okay this might be stating the obvious, but I consider myself quite good at the theoretical approach (I suck at ELO, because I don't have the time for it ...)

Hope this is helpfull !

I'd lose Buck for Gaia and run Gibson instead of Tremorh. That's just me though.

If you want a good elo deck test out your charecters in battle
see wich card goes in with the clan you want to put in elo

friday 16/07/2010

Yeh might take some getting used to, i remember using a Piranas deck with Murphon thinking i can over pill every card without a sweat...soon realised that wasnt the way lol, i just saw that comment about switching Spycee for Tula lol made me laugh abit because i used to use him, you soon realise how pathetic he is... smiley

I'd say Bison is pretty spot on.

All Stars, GHEIST, and Skeelz are all extremely potent in elo.

Nightmare when Ghumbo and Oshistune are free.

Piranas and Montana are great up to around 1300e, they /can/ push higher but they're trickier for it.

Bangers are another one that can push toward the top.

Bristone unless u can afford leviatonn
I pick Akrin over Zero dead because of his advantages in low pillz battles

The top one because u will scare people with that deck and it seems more balenced

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