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sunday 25/07/2010

We are looking for at least one level 40+ player to join Insane Collectors Posse (ICP) to make events for us smiley Good night!

saturday 24/07/2010

Oh wow lol nope, my deck gets mad at me if i jerk to any songs that contain profanity. sadly 99.99% of jerkin songs contain profanity

Come on people !

We still need peeps, peeps! Looking to 50 strong so mount up! smiley

friday 23/07/2010

Close plz he found a guild already

Close plz he found 1 already smiley


Also there is one admin spot still open and that is for unfortunatly a lvl40. It is the event organizer slot so please one lvl 40 or higher join up and lets get the guild going.
Current Members

Founder keldarr Imperator 5 575 994

Admin benzo85 Veteran 7 157 991

Admin SincerelyOdin Senior 4 068

Member KtuluUnleashed Senior 1 074
Member polikujyh Senior 509
Member littlekittykat Senior 331

Holland Supreme is back! We got lost in the dark but the light showed us the way!
You wanna be part of this Supreme Gilde? Then Pm me! These are the things where looking for!

Minimum Requirements:
=> A good sense of humour and a firm sense of fairplay.
=> Level 50+.
=> Our boards are in English, so speaking English at least with a translator will be an advantage.
=> Reach 1200+ ELO points at the end of the week (if you plan on playing).
=> Accumulate a minimum of 10000 battle points per month.
If you think you are Holland Supreme material and you think you have the ambition and ability to rise above the ordinary and to go after excellence, you are welcome to become a member of our family
Holland Supreme On Top!


thursday 22/07/2010

Well, I like it toosmiley

Isn't anny1 interessed smileysmiley

Just started today can any help me out tutorial was a bit confusing on how to get chars

Were getting bigger!
Keep joining everyone! smiley

wednesday 21/07/2010

Join please we are an awesome, fun, active guild, who need you!!!smiley

But yea my guild has some little restrictions but that is so inactive ppl dont join us as if you reach lvl 20 you wont be one of those guys that creates an account once and never goes on it ever again

Recruitment is now off!

tuesday 20/07/2010

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