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thursday 27/08/2009

Please close mods

I want to buy Diyo Cr Geuner Cr Cassio Cr each 20k
If someone can sell please PM me private

As title says i'm trading 246 terry 's for manon cr 0xp
pm me for a faster response
thank mods

I buy vickie cr full for 99 000clintz........

Contact me in private .......

JustJohnny DAGRsmileyNE is in my guild and has given away a fair few Cr's. He also offered me a very decent deal but sadly I had to turn it down as a great friend was giving me most of these cards.

Please close as I now have all of them!

Im trading my melvins for this cards .

2 melvin = 1x fie

55 melvin = 1x vickie cr

18 melvin = 3x ongh

12 melvin = x1 jackie

7 melvins = zatman .

and any other cards like that please PM with your offers .

thanks mods smiley .

Buying racardo (s) each for 105 clintz 0xp

For chikko cr....prefer one with 0 xp but if not its ok
can add clintz for a 0 xp chikko

i only want chikko cr so dont try offering me anything else thanks

Decided against this deal.

Mods please close.

Forget it, close I'll sell him cheaply on the Market since people are Pming me 100 clintz

Close please

Went ahead and purchased on the market, this can be closed! Thanks!

I am buying 9 Alec which is worth 560K current market 70K

For my 16 Cr's + 20K= 645K

if your interested pm me

thanx mods

I have the timber and Vansaarsmiley

Please closesmiley

wednesday 26/08/2009

My coby plus 1.5k clintz for your weelee. I no the deal come alittle short but plz help I need weelee badly. ty modssmiley

Sell For about 56,000

Leave offers... Cash or Cards

Thanks Mods

Please close this down thx

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