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wednesday 26/08/2009

Close please

For cards smiley good ones pm me for faster response

Im pretty sure Alec's price will rise

Will pay 104,000 clintz

Pm with your price

"there prices are dropping so my prices are ok, thanks" how do you even know that?
btw they can't be sold yet.

PM me if you like my offer.thanks.smiley

Anybody willing to trade with me 50 alecs for my whole 437 cards

Also selling alec now for 3 seldnor cr....hope someone trades with me pm me for a faster response:

alec: seldnor cr x 3
uranus: 5800
skrumxxt: 2800

thats the top three rest are going cheaper

Hmm ok pm me when ready

I want buy kerozinn cr for 95000 max 98000 clintz.who want sell me for this priece please leave here messege or in my mailbox.thanks

I'd like to trade my lvl 3 mona and lvl 1 Eyrik for a striker (any level)smiley

I have never traded before so please tell me how smiley

I trade my vickie with a nahi full exp + 40k de clints

thx mod

I can trade you lots of melvins if you want /.

Thx mod armanda sold you can close

I trade my 2 Alec Cr FULL EXP for 2 Alec Cr 0 Exp.

Thanks mod

Sorry i counted bad smiley 20-25steve

I have now had an offer of Scarlett and have taken it.
This deal is now over.

Mods, please close.

Buy 10 alec. All for 700 000 Clinz

Please close

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