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wednesday 10/02/2010

Close pls mod, i got my deal

I have Amanie, Noodile, and Nyema as well as many other cards available. Check it out =) PM me when u get the chance


I think I've reached something that is probably the beginning of an understanding of this surprisingly complex game smiley Thanks for all yer help!

I'm looking for jay, I can add clintz to the ofter

-Don (U) (U)
-Murray (C) (C)
-Nah Boh
-Estalt (U) (U)
-Timmy (R) (R)
-Glosh (U) (U)
-Slyde (C) (C)
-Joana (C) (C)
-Yayoi (U) (U)
-Brittany (U) (U)
-Elly Mae (R) (R)
-Muze (R) (R)
-Graff (R) (R)
-B Ball (C) (C)

Close this please I traded marlysa cr smiley

Mods you can close this, and thanks


tuesday 09/02/2010

I buy Dante 160-170 clintz each one put to my private sales

555 is the highest bid ..
send me the card

I'd happily pay 4500 for Hawkins.

Rowdy - 9000
Gil - 8500
Gibson - 2000
Veenyle - 900

Mode please close

I give 1 alec cr + 1 cassandra....i wait....

I want as many Nobrocybix as I can get my grubby hands on. I'm looking at you, Mr. But-I-like-my-one-thousand-nobrocybix-guy. Perhaps I can take them off your hands for 250 each or for a negotiable price. Please PM me if interested. smiley

I am looking to [BUY] Coby will pay 7,300 for (0xp) or 7,000 for (Max)

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