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tuesday 25/08/2009

As the title says thats what i'm looking for,under market price if you can...Leave a message or Pm me Thankssmiley

I buy a Marco for 8500 and Kerry for 5500 send me a private sale

Looking to buy a Donnie at around 4500 clintz.

The market on this guys seems to fluctuate a bit, and I'm not quite sure whether this is too low. Either way, anyone willing to sell for this price, post here or PM me. Thank you.

Sorry, I have a few offers at 1200 so this can be closed smiley Thanks mods smiley

Will give Lamar Cr+Vickie Cr for 10 Jackies now.

I am interested in buying these three cards for the prices in the brackets:
- Jackie (20k - 22k)
- Dorian (5.5k - 6k)
- Zatman (11k - 12k)

PM me for a quicker responce or just put them stright in my private sales smiley

Thanks smiley

Striker is worth 1500+ more than your offer. i suggest you add in something else so people will consider your offer.

Well u heard me so please do pm me i´m sure we can work something outsmiley anyway pm me ASAP!

Exchange done. please close. thanks.smiley

For my Mona and Prince Jr

No she is 1200

Please closesmiley

Trade for simon my best card in my deck!

I have a marco

The CR price for Alec is probly going to be up there with Splata

Thanks to all who help me out i have been collecting him for over a year and i really appreciate it

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Close please.

pm me for faster response

I want a jackie for 20k, just sell to me in private thanks

Buying Armand at any level for about 650-700

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