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friday 12/02/2010

Azel - 3000 clintz - 3 stars

all other cards are gone...... so just azel left

Jane Ramba - 0 exp - 4500
Wardog - 1700
Bryan - 2000

Private Sales me them ASAP smiley

Hello Guys,
i search
1x Sigmund Cr
I have:
180.000 Clintz for him smiley
(contact me privat)

Im looking for lin xia .. paying 3300 clintz
pm me

Nvm. Sold.

My lennox+200clintz

Mods pls close smiley

Thank you for your idea.
I'm considering just purchasing a Guru Cr instead.

I want to buy jackie for 6k + amiral py cr + chikko cr pm me

Got it.

Mods, please close.

Looking for lowest price on this card, i dont care how much xp it has on it-

Most of these ppl are trickin u i mean kreen for selma and scubb
adler and boomha for a 1000 clint dacote that aint worth it
ps. y can't u buy jungos
u got cards worth higer then em

smiley im doubting this alot

thursday 11/02/2010

I would like to purchase your Melvin for about 2800 clintz, pm me! Thanks

2012 clintz to buy Rolph if anyone doesnt want him

i have:
1 Tanaereva
1 Peeler
1 Shakra
all 0xp

I want:
44850 clintz

Please continue your discussion in "Strategy and Tactics" section if you have any more questions smiley

I wish to buy a 0XP Miss Twice Cr for below market value; currently around 55000.
I have about 50000 right now but want to pay closer to 45000.

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