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sunday 06/09/2009

Goin for 1800 so thats 100 clints under market value :]
pm me if ur intrested :]

Thanks, but I'm looking for fullexp idealy bcause I want to use her. So I can only offer my current trade.

I will buy a jackie for 22000

Buying zatman for 14000.pls


Tessa Cr + 72k clintz

For your:

Splata cr + Kerozinn cr

Please pm me if interested.


change my ombre cr + 10 000 clintz cr by splata cr, thanks moderators.

7 shogunn ?

saturday 05/09/2009

Beentz can u plz contact me ???

FD-Calle996 is only a senior though, so he probably hasn't read the rules on the forum. In future cases, if you don't like an offer posted by a player, simply just ignore it and move on. Please don't flame on their threads telling other people not to buy it. smiley

I will trade my morphun for coby,copper +1k
it`s a fair trade just pm me

Close plz

K my offer is 6 terry cr, 13k and 10 timbers(4*)

Do you have the alec


Please close mods.

How much for Aurora?

Mods please close

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