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friday 29/01/2010

Offer's off, close pls mod

Ill trade my sheitane for your pegh. PM me if youre interested

[TRaDE] I offer Rowdy for Leviatonn

Will you sell me your No Name for 700?

Your only looking to sell? NOT trade?

I have Archibald (C), Bruce (C), Myke (C), Naginata (R), Python (R), Uxoh (R). Will you take Naginata and some other sort of combination with these?

I also have El Gringo, Eyrton, Rolph, Askai, Borss, Radek, Taham (4000), Nistarok (3100), Pan (2100), Sargh, Sheitane (2000), Timmy, Rhed, Spycee, Tyd, Noemi, Elvira, Hax, Yookie, Corrina, Eris, Skrumxxt, Slopsh, Trinmkkt, Wakai, Corvus, Glenn, Nellie, Wendel

Ill trade you 0xp bloodh & 0xp katan for your hawkins =D

I can give Leviatonn , Rolph and methane for Sylth

My trish+dean to 2Jautya
PM to me

Cerco Graksmxxt a 7300Clintz!!!
Grazie MoDsmileysmiley

Yea its fair trade w8 im here an 1 hour man w8 i accept with this

My ambrose cr 0 exp for : your ambrose cr full + 10k
my elya cr 0 exp for : your elya cr full + 10k
my dwain cr 0 exp for : your dwain cr full + 5k

thank you modssmiley

Ok have about a lvl 1 rei for 900. final.

Please close. Already bought all. Thanks

Lvl Full
dorian 6300
leviatonn 7900
nellie 1150
phyllis 0 xp 5000
rubie 2200

No. all lvl3.

What do you want for your Dieter? I'll trade you Sandro and Dwan for it? If not, please PM me back. Thanks

My Trish+Dean for your bogdan

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