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monday 24/08/2009

Either put them in my private sales or PM me for a faster responce smiley

Well they're still very low.

Cley is over 350 in the market, and you're buying for 200.

D3ath kid who said what my tanaereva is full? smiley it haves 0xp too

I am buying as many multiples of jackie, zatman, tanaereva, and alec

Jackie =25K each
Zatman =11K each
Alec =18K each
Tanaereva =30K each

pm me if intereseted

thank you mods

I'm buying Marlysa Cr for 600 000 clintz.

Ill traded you my sledg for your willy.

Auction over

winner :
Miss Twice Cr (Cr) + 25k

CLOSE please ^__smiley__^

I am looking to buy a Bobby for 800 clintz. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

2 kerozinn
miss twice

For Marlysa, but we can work a little on the offer.


I have all three. Look to trade for Yayoi and Charlie if its ok.

I would like to buy Sum Sam CR

Here is my offer -

Lao CR 0 exp (cca 780K)
Dragan CR (cca 420K)
Lamar CR 0 exp (cca 145K)
Vickie CR 0 exp (cca 110K)
Kerozinn CR 0 exp (cca 105K)
3x Swidz CR 0 exp (cca 105K)
10x Chan as a bonus smiley (16K)

Total - cca 1.681.000 clintz !!!

Let me know if you are interested in the trade.

sunday 23/08/2009

Thats a good trade LOL :]

Any offers? smiley

500 clints for them.

Looking to buy a Bryan cheap. ~2k clintz, contact if interested.

I find what I want !

Subject close, thanks smiley

Trade done
topic close

Thanks to Redge for taking the time to look at it
Avoid bad experience, ask the mods to check your big transaction smiley

Also will buy Yayoi at 6400 or lower too smiley

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