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thursday 28/01/2010

Shawoman Cr
Flavio Cr
2 0xp tans
10 full terry
1 smokey cr

Ends at 18:00 GMT 27th January 2010 ??? he posted after....


3 Kinjo
2 Lost Hog

I am selling Armanda cr for around 570k in clintz or cards. pm me your offers

Sylth or Smokey (vote) smiley + Toro for your Niva + Ongh
post offers smiley

mods thx

So im thinking of buying a vholt card i know u get him at 50 but i dont feel like waiting and really i jut want him cuz he looks cool soooooo if any 1 got a vholt for cheap theyd like 2 tarded me i got a few cards and loads of clints 2 i know hes going for 30 000ish right now on the market but i wanna get him for a little cheaper since ill get him again at 50 either way some one help me out

mg me or pm me

Please Close Mods Thanks smileysmileysmileysmiley


Hmmm, I'll do it for just tomas, z3ro d34d and greem. or if you want any other cards pm me.smiley

Mods plz close this

wednesday 27/01/2010

C'mon guys! 5 Muze is not a bad deal.

How you trade? timber for hawk?

Je pe vous Échanger Vicky Cr + Alec Cr + Smokey Cr mais votre carte est full ou pas?

My Sylth and Toro for ur
Ongh and Niva pls fast i need this charcters ... fast pls

Mods THX smiley

5x are more than 19k smiley

Pretty please close

Get 1-99 of them for 200 clintz each, get 100+ for 195 each. Anyone?

Buying Spiaghi $950

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