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sunday 23/08/2009

I'll buy morphun for 17k

Buy her or trade her for either tomas or jay contact me

I will sell you boris full level for 800clintz just message me if your intrested

For Tanaereva and Kolos


Trading thaumaturge cr for 2 jackies..

I hav im but i would like 3.1k plz if not then i will look to sell im somewhere else


Im trading beltran for another cr with the same value
pls pm for faster reply

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Close Pls

Just close it
i already lost my money

I'm buying Edd for 2285 clints smiley

Put in my private sales, if your offer and i already have one i'll pm you and cancel the sale smiley

Thanks heaps mods smiley

Why not just sell publicly for 80 clintz , all will buy them !

Lol nice use of google translator

Or im looking for 60k and an ambre

I'm looking for the best offer I can get on a Sledg with 0xp on it...I'll buy 1 for around 2-2.7k...Thankssmiley

You're way late, your bid is a joke, cards are sold already

nice try though.

saturday 22/08/2009

I will trade My Sylth for Chiara, Jay, and Aylen.PlZ and Thanks.

450 is too m,uch

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