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friday 29/01/2010

Cerco Graksmxxt a 7300Clintz!!!
Grazie MoDsmileysmiley

Yea its fair trade w8 im here an 1 hour man w8 i accept with this

My ambrose cr 0 exp for : your ambrose cr full + 10k
my elya cr 0 exp for : your elya cr full + 10k
my dwain cr 0 exp for : your dwain cr full + 5k

thank you modssmiley

Ok have about a lvl 1 rei for 900. final.

Please close. Already bought all. Thanks

Lvl Full
dorian 6300
leviatonn 7900
nellie 1150
phyllis 0 xp 5000
rubie 2200

No. all lvl3.

What do you want for your Dieter? I'll trade you Sandro and Dwan for it? If not, please PM me back. Thanks

My Trish+Dean for your bogdan

How much for uxoh and tank? or do u want cards?

Wow you been gone a long time smiley hope some one helps you out by telling you what you missed gl

I hav sakazuki

Trading my Alec Cr full + a 1500c Card for your Alec Cr 0Xp

Close this please smiley

Ill buy ur alec cr 29k and ratanah

Only 3 are 0xp. no one bids? oh well. smiley

thursday 28/01/2010

Sorry but i've sold alec cr so lock this post please

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