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friday 21/08/2009

Delete this thread please!

The prices are off? ahhhhh market moves too much lol
My apologies on that.

Ok, I will be happy to add some to the list, just let me know what else you may need.
No insane offers pleasesmiley

All sold

mods please close this thread thanks

Thank you smiley

I want to have gil, what's your offer? smiley

What do you want for gil?

Do you have a gil or rowdy to trade wtih those cards? i have both oyoh and hammer

Mods could you close please. Thank you

You give me your offer smiley as long it have jackie + tanaereva smiley but it have to be fair it mean this 2 cards + cr or clintz smiley .

I sold him at 7000 clintzsmiley
close this please smiley


Sadly, I missed out on a chance to pay 170k when I was a little shy of funds. So, I'm here on the boards offering 175k. I'm fairly certain if I wait long enough, I can get him on the market for 180k, so for this post, my offer is firm at 175k in clintz. No trades.

Again: I'd like to buy Ambrose Cr for 175k.

Thanks for your consideration. ;-]

Yeah :] hes right :]

Close please

thanks mods!!

Cancel copper,coby,havok,chloe

n add lehane to the list.

lehane 1000 clintz

Hi.im looking for hawk and havok for 7k+i give one card for 50 clintz.

Buying hax for 5800 PM me if u want nageoation :]
but if not just put them in my private sales :]


Ill add 1k, just add anita.

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Got it. Close please. smiley

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