monday 12/07/2010


sunday 11/07/2010

(smiley1020450 sorry the link did't work here.

Guild:1020858 good luck.

saturday 10/07/2010

Anybody is able to join this guild as long as they are lvl10+ and love to have fun

Good luck with your guild you will get members soon and if not there are always guilds old/new big/small recruting still hope you do ok

New rule you have to be active on the guild message board

Still taking in people..if youre lower than level 40 please make sure you are active in this game..inactiveness hurts the guild as a whole and can end your stay..remember the goal is to build an almost indestructable force..and we cant do that while youre standing still


Umm... Do something to your anti-virus program?



Sorry about that. he didn't know I had made one

Join guild:990430

Putting this message back on top!!! Active members who must gain 1000 battle points per month and who are level 20 or higher.


friday 09/07/2010

16 members, Fun players and a great enviroment accepting ALL LVL 10+

Http:// The Dark BrotherHood we are active and want to ecome one of the best guilds on urban rivals.

Join TheDarkBrotherHood we are a new active guild and love to trade deck ideas so click here

and apply today

Http:// This is the link to The Dark BrotherHood we are a new guild and we are very active and if any member goes inactive we give them the boot.

Join The Dark BrotherHood we are a new active guild we dont have many members yet but we will get more we plan to become one of the best guilds on Urban Rivals we make sure that every member of are guild is active.
We are Currently looking for admins so click here and apply today

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