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sunday 22/11/2009

For 525 clintz plz

Look my bio to see how many spiaghi i have thanks

In your pvt sales vukovar

stats: 5*
8/8- ability: invisibility smiley

What other cards are you looking for im interested in eris, dash, taham?

I offer Manon Scarlet 1M and Marylisa smiley

Thanks for all offers 4 left now.

Anyone mind helping a noob? =P
if anyone willing to help please send me a private sales for 135 clintz =P
God Bless Everyone =P

Lol i am buying not u

saturday 21/11/2009

I no but i need it cheap and i already got caelus
i need

What?? im not bidding, im just laughing at the starting bid.. lol, maybe it's a reverse auction XD

Only 9 Phyllis cards left will trade for Swidz Cr...


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