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thursday 28/01/2010

Hmmm, I'll do it for just tomas, z3ro d34d and greem. or if you want any other cards pm me.smiley

Mods plz close this

wednesday 27/01/2010

C'mon guys! 5 Muze is not a bad deal.

How you trade? timber for hawk?

Je pe vous Échanger Vicky Cr + Alec Cr + Smokey Cr mais votre carte est full ou pas?

My Sylth and Toro for ur
Ongh and Niva pls fast i need this charcters ... fast pls

Mods THX smiley

5x are more than 19k smiley

Pretty please close

Get 1-99 of them for 200 clintz each, get 100+ for 195 each. Anyone?

Buying Spiaghi $950

Looking to trade Chad Bread Cr for both Striker & Marina smiley

Nahi's price dropped , so your market offer is now very steep . any chance of updating this so i can buy her from you ?

How did you get scammed?

The rest of the clan collection can wait , but right now , i'm looking to buy your nahi cr . if you have one to sell (i dont really have anything to trade but could work something out) , then i want to hear from you (preferably by PM) !
while i'm here , i may as well mention that i'm also looking for any other unwanted roots you may have to accompany her smiley

Ill give you 560/per cards 40K Max in cards..smiley

Haha guys guys, this is from August. I guess i should of told someone to close it, but i didn't think anyone would bring it back from 5 months ago..... Sooooo.... Please close haha, No Marlysa Cr up for sell/trade anymore. Thanks for the offers guys i hope you get your Marlysa Cr asap smiley

U can have my 0xp zatman for the caelus or my max jackie for the caelus and clintz

Hello for a Scarlett cr i will offer a marlysa cr , lao cr and a seldnor cr

thanks you mods
(please pm for faster response)
(willing to negotiate)

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