saturday 03/07/2010


Would you mind answering some questions about your guild?

Join The Cunning Gambit Academy! if you want the admin position, some of my good friends are in there and they are very active, not to mention our policy( active stays, if not, out) so join

friday 02/07/2010

People who eat banana peels XD

Level 9 with bar 1/2 way!

Glad you don't find it insulting. Although it won't matter because I only have, I believe 1 more day to get I think it was 5 members before UR deletes the guild for not having enough memberssmiley

Listen here and listen well at least one member is always on ready to help, battle, anything you want. Our message board is always active and full of subjects. Events take place as well with good prizes. Our community is tight. Open your arms and we'll open ours.

thursday 01/07/2010


wednesday 30/06/2010

Close this please

tuesday 29/06/2010


Horo: We need to have a word. smiley

AegisDivine, feel free to resubmit this thread in the General section of the board:

I believe it suits it in there more than it does here. smiley

[RECR] Deaths Eye We Only Accept lvls 10+ and Active Members If Your Going to be Gone For a week+ Please Inform us To join the guild click this link and Click Apply And Then We Will Review Your Application. We Like to Fight Eachother And Talk Alot In Guild Chat We Are a Very Active Guild And We Love New Recruits. So If you Wanna Be In The Center Of The Storm, Deaths Eyes Is The Place For You.


monday 28/06/2010

HI every one I have just destroyed my guild because none of the members where online any more and no new members joind so I looking for an active guild to join. I am mostly active with over 10 thousand battle points but take brakes every now and then PM me or Post here with offers. smileysmileysmiley

Thanks Mods

I meant to say better, lol, join now!smiley

Still recruiting.
Guild's going relatively strong, with a moderately active message board smiley

Say young man. Say young man, young man, young man. Like killing? Well, look no further. Actually, go look further and come back, we're too lazy to go look ourselves. Anyway, RDD are a fine bunch of strapping lads who don't take life too seriously. If a relaxed play style appeals to you, we're your man. Uh... Men. We're your men. We're a laid back crowd, and the emphasis is always on fun. So give us a call, drop us a line, do a bunch of other silly metaphors, and join RDD today.

RDD were created in another browser game seven years ago, and have branched out online ever since. Currently I'm the only representative for the group in Urban Rivals but I hope to change that. We run a forum of our own where members can get to know each other, and have a history of teamwork and dedication to the games we play, but behind the gaming there's a sense of warmth and community. If you think you'd be interested, check out our guild page (link below), or drop me a message to ask more.

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