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tuesday 20/07/2010

Sorry the guild didnt get anough people so it got deleated i am making another and will post when and if it is approved smiley

I know you are all looking at the big groups and big names, but their guild just started once too you know. So, if you guys want to go for EXCALIBUR, The cunning gambit, Urban MAdness e.g. Then go, but i promise. Someday, my guild will become big too. smiley

I Got much more offers than i did think smileysmiley will just give me sometime to see what guild is best for me smiley .


Hell's Knights is an active guild with full bore competitive members. We offer a warm and inviting guild to anyone levels 30 and up. We have a very active message board as well as some very interesting members.
We are a very very new guild to ur so come on over and check us out.

guild:1029490 !!

Guild:801259 is looking for new active members to join. Must be Level 20 or higher and must gain at least 1000 battle points to be active. This guild was created the first of the year and is quickly moving up in the ranks. Check us out and if you have any questions then feel free to ask either here or by private message.



or contact:

monday 19/07/2010

Dear Admins and Moderators, thank you for your moderation of those Forums !

This thread can be closed, I'm now a member of Sanity.
Thanks to all the other guilds for their time and effort to write me.

See you on the Battlegrounds smiley


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.


sunday 18/07/2010

Were a growing guild just created for anyone to join, im looking to add everyone who applys im trying to create the biggist guild ever! if your new or an exspert join now and invite everyone on your friends list.

Name:The Eternal Effect
Info:A Big Group of Urban Rivals Warriors joined together to fight all there is to fight. Winning is the key in our guild.
All Kings join now as The Eternal Effect March into Battle.
The aim of this guild is to gather as many members as possible and create the biggist guild of all time!


Guild:1022600 We don't force you to change your name, we have a market, a god of elo, and an active friendly community. Guild will be stopping recruiting at 15 members (According to zack yesterday or the day before) so join now! smileysmiley Also, we have cookies for new members smiley

hope this help

saturday 17/07/2010

Our guild is going to be elite, and like a little family. Around what you said, maybe 15, maybe 20. We plan to have high levels, and be up there with Youth Kriminals and stuff. Feel free to join, we would love you here smiley Link in my name smiley

friday 16/07/2010

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_Down for the Count is a guild for all who love to play this game! I enjoy playing this game and getting to know other who enjoy it too! This guild is for frequent players who want to be in a guild that goes up in the rankings like a rocket!

Level 10+
Must speak English
Must enjoy playing
Must play frequently

If u like ipods and ninjas, JOIN OUR GUILD!! We are accepting anyone over LvL. 15!!
iNinja is a new guild, dats looking for many active members!!
guild:1028695 PLZ JOIN!! smiley


thursday 15/07/2010

For all those older players out there, that really enjoy a couple of rounds of UR after coming home from a day at work. Respect for each other and a curiosity to discover new things are key words for this guild.

So, join guild:1027973

- Age in the real world above 25
- No minimum level
- Fairly active player
- Add (Dino) to your name to show we're one team

HEY MAN, its been a while, your stats are still great though.smiley

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