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tuesday 13/07/2010

If you were about to put and [LFG] in front of your topic, just save yourself the trouble and read this! Do to a mistake in stocking up on new members, we are now letting ANY player of ANY level of ANY nationality join! This is a once in a lifetime offer so you must act now!

Insane Collectors Posse (ICP)

Follow the link above, at the end of the tunnel there's an amazing light, it's called awesomeness. You look for a way to get in, you find it, it's called the join button. Within 1-2 business days you will see a man step out, he lets you in, you are now considered awesome...now make this story come true and join right now!

This was a message from Insane Collectors Posse (ICP)
Have a nice day smiley

Yes some guilds might say it but dont as we are a small group we will put you first we will listen only if you listen
so dont delay join the URPP today @ http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=982926

When Main-frame was brought into this game he was highly educated. He was a little scared at first but by level 5 he bagan to settle in. A guild named Bliss emerged a while back before he arrived to them. Jin was a noble, and respectable man and as Main-frame progressed they began to talk more like to strong warriors then weak talking to strong. Main-frame left to persue his own guild, it was so inactive he had to make a leaders choice and destroy it. His playing style had been dramatically affected by the Jungo, and they really have seemed to catch his attention. He started letting everyone know that he wanted to become the best Jungo player in all of UR. But he thought about it and asked around to see if there was any way that you can actuallly tell if he was, he decided that if he turns level 65 he is going to hold an event asking all of the people that feel that they are the best Jungo player in UR, his plan might work. Now as we speak he has made a new guild called Eclipse Unlimited, but he just realized that he has always loved Youth Kriminals and never could join because of his weak level, so he plans to get to level 80 ASAP, and join Youth Kriminals and become the best Jungo player at the same time.smiley

Its a great guild join up

monday 12/07/2010

Need active players to be my friends because all my friends are never on !!!!!!!!

Reminder that our Guild Event is kicking off today -- 32,000 clintz in cash and prizes.

Although we typically only take level 20+, there are a few other things that can help you get into the Guild. Can you win more than 50% of your games? Is your Fair Play 98% or better? Then we will also consider yoo for membership

Plz close mods... guild destroyed


sunday 11/07/2010

(smiley1020450 sorry the link did't work here.

Guild:1020858 good luck.

saturday 10/07/2010

Anybody is able to join this guild as long as they are lvl10+ and love to have fun

Good luck with your guild you will get members soon and if not there are always guilds old/new big/small recruting still hope you do ok

New rule you have to be active on the guild message board

Still taking in people..if youre lower than level 40 please make sure you are active in this game..inactiveness hurts the guild as a whole and can end your stay..remember the goal is to build an almost indestructable force..and we cant do that while youre standing still


Umm... Do something to your anti-virus program?



Sorry about that. he didn't know I had made one

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