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friday 21/08/2009

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Got it. Close please. smiley

Since no one is interested for a trade, please close.


Thread closed! Sold out!

thursday 20/08/2009

Selling copper for 13000 Clintz. Pm me for response please. Thanks

Wow i didn';t even know this was active still
close please I sold them awhile ago

Copper 13.5k + 2k = 15.5 k
zatman = 15.5 k
good trade but im not up for it

Ya it is 16k for 4 star but it is also onli 13k for 5 star

On_Nsane your right

wilffire your asking for 2 much .

My last bid now.

I only need Chiara and Aylen.smiley

I got 3125 for a chiara if anyone is interested please pm me by tonight.

Sold, thankyou mods

Um also just send your sai san t my private sales

I need any All Stars for under 300 Clintz. PM me for offers. Thank Yousmiley

Buy kolos for 16k
put it in my private sale

He's under 6K now so
... just saying

She is only 600 on the market

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