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friday 06/11/2009

No longer in need of skeelz besides caelus, alec cr is gone. pm/post ur offers for any good cards u have.

Alec cr is gone and i no longer need skeelz besides caelus.

COmpensation is negotiable.. i just want to use the card basically thanks for the help all

-Ambre (R)
-Morphun (R)
- Tanaereva (U)
- Wee Lee (U)
- Hikiyousan (U)
- 12k

please mp me if you are interesseded

thursday 05/11/2009

To steeliebob - I'm going so far above market price because I'm on a slower computer than most everyone out there. (This thing is a real dinosaur... -.-) By the time I refresh the page, any sales on the market are usually already closed. This is the only way I see being able to get a hold of them since I can't seem to pull them out of any of the packs I buy in the shop.

Just private sell it to me if you agree with my price. Thanks! smiley

I'd like to purchase bunny from you if i may. you see i collect junks and i was wondering if you could help me out plz reply soon

I think that you should add something onto the deal. Jackie is around 28K and tanaereva is around 38K so I suggest you add on 10K to the deal or add in a card worth 10K such as hawkins, sylth or caelus

Clintz only please =)

Pm me ill give you jackie for swidz cr

For Jim Cr I can give you 50.000 clintz...answer me in pvt

Close moderators please smiley
I found a player smiley

Trading Vickie Cr for 12 non-full Caelus. XP doesn't matter, so long as he's level 2 or level 3. PM me if interested.

Putting a hawkins for 9500 on the market gets him sold in a few minutes at most,..
and makes you 1,5 k more,... even for just 1 clintz less as the most least expensive its out
very fast most of the time smiley

I buy Kenny=8500 Ghumbro=5100 and Glorg=4000

I want your gumbo

Please close, I finally have my Hawk!

Buying her for cheaper price than the market. Please private message me if you are interested. smiley

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