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thursday 30/07/2009

I'm buying a one jackie for 24000

I have maxxed out Vansaar, Hugo and Timber. Will sell for any clintz. Will trade for anything. One card at a time.

Close please

Close Please

Ill buy manfred

Are you interest in Alderaban Cr ?

You can't get many crs out of a 0xp jackie..

Hi friends !

I want to buy Allan for 120 , if you have one , private sale me .


I can sell u vermyn N for 6k but not blaaster.

How much aer you asking for her in clintz?

Hot oen thanks. you can close now

2500 for the 100 dreen

Close please thanks

I am looking for Sum Sam CR any exp.

My offer is -
- Lao CR 0 exp
- Marlysa CR 0 exp
- Vickie CR 0 exp
- Kerozinn CR full exp

If you are interested in trade, let me know in my PM.



Looking for Enzo around 2-3k

pm me for faster response

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