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friday 09/07/2010

Oh yh >_>

Join guild:990430

thursday 08/07/2010

Guild:1014822 is a guild full of mini games and fun active people. it is small so you will get too know all the people in it!

wednesday 07/07/2010

Please destroy this because i made some mistakes and im going to re make it.

Awesome guild name smiley Alot better than my current guild.

Please can you close this one because our requierments have changed.

Im a former member of engulfing darkness and bliss i was an admin in both guilds

The founder (which is me) of the downtrodden chimps has returned and is once again recruiting if interested just let me know. So now i ask are you a real simian smiley

Come forth chimps....

Close plz he has been takin smileysmileysmiley

tuesday 06/07/2010

Awesome smiley Loved reading that.

Guild:1008138 smiley

1. Link to your guild
2. Add a translation to non-ghetto people

Read http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=&id_subject=589854&subject_page=0

monday 05/07/2010


sunday 04/07/2010

> I am a veteran, in game, as well as in real life smiley lvl 23,I am a 27 year old man i live in fort hood texas, im in the army, have a wife, and a kid with one on the way. I have been playing urban rivals for 2 years but i couldnt play for a year becausei was deployed to afghanistan.
> i am looking for a guild of people who are competitive, but also community driven, and friendly.
> let me know if u need more than that. and thank you for your consideration.
> DJ Ellipse

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