friday 21/05/2010

We don't really have card selling at below market price (though I could potentially help with that), but guild : 964521 would love to have you.

I want to inform everyone that i am open to accepting anyone to this guildsmiley

thursday 20/05/2010

Guys please help to make this guild better =))


Good luck!

wednesday 19/05/2010

Pm if you want me to join your guild

Thanks man, and he's right this guild is a guild for anyone who wants to join thats lv.15 and dosent have a bad face mark.

Please post on the Strategy and Tactics:General forum smiley

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I don't think it should. Try reinstalling the app.

Update: just hit #11 in a DT, starting work on ELO now ;P

tuesday 18/05/2010

I would, but i wanna get away from responsibilty, and no worries

monday 17/05/2010

You can join our new guild. We play this game for fun and friendship. We can help you about game. We can rise with you.. Come on help us!

Our Guild's Link:

Also, ANYONE who applys will be instantly accepted smiley Thanks!

My issue was that the screen was saying I had ONE Warren at lvl 2, but showing I had TWO at lvl 2. All the text was correct, however the picture was what the issue was.

Sorry forgot to put that the reason for mentioning my collection is because i'm still trying to work out which clan suits my way of playing best

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