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tuesday 07/06/2011

I personally would have put xu52 in there for leviatonn. He is a great bluff and fills in that little whole in your deck... Attack manipulation

monday 06/06/2011

Oops sorry i ment to say Morphun to Ambre.

Who is lee bee?

sunday 05/06/2011

I have reached 21 wins in ELO survivor with a mono sentenial deck and have gotten a few other great runs with it too.

That's the deck. It's a solid deck actually, but I advise you don't use it on a roots/GHEIST Ld mission week where SOA is abundant lol. I'm not telling you to use that deck, infact you probably won't have too much success with it. Reason being you probably aren't used to the cards, and you are probably more successful with another clan. Attack manipulation I have found to work out the best in modern survivor ELO, mainly because they can drag your opponents pills out. Bluffs are almost key in survivor ELO, so use em! It will be hard to manage your pills with only 8-10 when you start to get far in survivor. Practise and play smart, then you will get used to the survivor feeling and you can then achieve success smiley.

thursday 02/06/2011

Nice deck. You have allready said i can't metion Hugo to Ambre lol.

tuesday 31/05/2011

I used wrongly for wardom i thought i mistake revenge as confidence

thursday 26/05/2011

Try them both and see which one you prefer.

tuesday 24/05/2011

Great deck i can't see anything that needs changing.

on a side note if you want to make links which are just the name of the deck you copy just the "preset=1876869" and change the = to a :

Well done on 23 survivor wins.

At the moment with the budget you have the deck seems fine but if you ever get enuth i would change Estalt to dregn so that the deck is more even.

Well donhe on the 16 wins. The deck looks fine.

On a side note to allow a like which is just the deck name you just copy the "preset=1870675" and change the = to a :

friday 20/05/2011

Np anytime glad to be of assistance

thursday 19/05/2011

monday 16/05/2011

Yea yea gud lookin out EZ oh yeah i forget to mention.. if you got the clintz to purchase a sledg why not but a ditha, wanda,and a clara? You get more cards and it's a better investment or you can just purchase a selina. your current cards make a decent deck you won't get far in survivor but, you can beat some ass in a DT without a doubt and a vholt can def help you out... need assitance u kno wat 2 do.. holla

tuesday 10/05/2011

Hello, please rate and comment my new survivor Deck, I reached Survivor 8 with it 2 times

Space Girls and Tentacles

Thank you for your time smiley

sunday 08/05/2011

3.O).=+++>>H:{OP rate and comment...thanks mods smiley

saturday 07/05/2011

What is with Eloxia?

friday 06/05/2011


Check this out please...I have poison, life gain, dr, poison, and pillz gain...anything needed?

Rate and comment please.

Thanks mods!

sunday 01/05/2011

Uppers/Ulu U-U Survivor rate and comment,thanks mods

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