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thursday 26/05/2011

Try them both and see which one you prefer.

tuesday 24/05/2011

Great deck i can't see anything that needs changing.

on a side note if you want to make links which are just the name of the deck you copy just the "preset=1876869" and change the = to a :

Well done on 23 survivor wins.

At the moment with the budget you have the deck seems fine but if you ever get enuth i would change Estalt to dregn so that the deck is more even.

Well donhe on the 16 wins. The deck looks fine.

On a side note to allow a like which is just the deck name you just copy the "preset=1870675" and change the = to a :

friday 20/05/2011

Np anytime glad to be of assistance

thursday 19/05/2011

monday 16/05/2011

Yea yea gud lookin out EZ oh yeah i forget to mention.. if you got the clintz to purchase a sledg why not but a ditha, wanda,and a clara? You get more cards and it's a better investment or you can just purchase a selina. your current cards make a decent deck you won't get far in survivor but, you can beat some ass in a DT without a doubt and a vholt can def help you out... need assitance u kno wat 2 do.. holla

tuesday 10/05/2011

Hello, please rate and comment my new survivor Deck, I reached Survivor 8 with it 2 times

Space Girls and Tentacles

Thank you for your time smiley

sunday 08/05/2011

3.O).=+++>>H:{OP rate and comment...thanks mods smiley

saturday 07/05/2011

What is with Eloxia?

friday 06/05/2011


Check this out please...I have poison, life gain, dr, poison, and pillz gain...anything needed?

Rate and comment please.

Thanks mods!

sunday 01/05/2011

Uppers/Ulu U-U Survivor rate and comment,thanks mods

friday 29/04/2011

thursday 28/04/2011

Elo type decks are for Elo, if you want to play survivor aim for the 5 or 4 star cards in your clans that can 2 hit KOs and propably a good leader will help alot Amber for Ulu Watu or Hugo for Montana here is a good deck for Piranas!
http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1727233 I love playing with this deck!!!
A good deck for Ulu Watu with Cr(s)!
My cheapest and most wins (for now) -

monday 25/04/2011

The reason I like Ambre better is overall she almost adds three attack per pill used.
For Eg. I'll use a card that has no manipulation to make this easier to understand
Tsubame *4 pills(Including free pill) say equals 28
Ambre+ Tsubame * 4 pills =40
With that said hugo work on all turns so can be better but depends on your play style.
But With Eyrik it is a differrent story he minuses the opponnents power which makes you use less pills and with the need to pill from the atack manipultion so he may still be a choice

Hope this helped


saturday 23/04/2011

Fang pi and t2 does not compute well without ambre...

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