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monday 21/06/2010



As Wicer said smiley

sunday 20/06/2010


New guild, Level 10 and up..
Our goal is to try to get members using the best Characters from all clans together, and to get this guild as well known as possible.

Alright, the link again is:


Peace out,


Happiness and sadness
We can't share all of it ,
But we can to some extent
That is the guild
One people's happiness is everyone's happiness
One people's anger is everyone's anger
One people's tears is everyone's tears
You don't have suffer with guilt
Our thoughts should reach you
Raise your head
You're the member of [F]airy[T]ail

that's our motto
we're the place that you can share everything
No Level recruitment
just be active and polite
and for other guild , we accept any job
like help in the event
just need a little cost

Join us


saturday 19/06/2010

Good luck with yur guild!!!smileysmiley

Should you get rid of this?

Everytime you write on my thread, you keep saying this, if 1 person tried to steal dont blame an entire guild for it

Guild has been rejected smiley

Part four!

"Why?" asked Rick, after practicing his technique on Twyh. "Why did you kill 'Muse?"
"I didn't mean to kill her" replied 'Twyh.
"So what, you accidentally poisoned her?"
"No," she said, "She was just in the wrong place. Ever since we left the Pussycats, me and my sister, Betty has been trying to kill us. She tried FIVE TIMES. I just couldn't take the paranoia, the always questioning if our waiter was trying to serve us or kill us. So I bought the mushrooms and slipped them into what I thought was 'Betty's food." Breaking down into tears, she exclaimed "I never meant to hurt 'Muse! She ate the food that 'Betty was supposed to!"
Rick was stunned by her reaction, typically used to the hardened career criminals. He gave 'Twyh a few minutes to regain her composure, then brought her up to the front desk.
Five years later, Twyh is back on the streets. She stays inside the circus, rarely leaving the safety of the tents. It's said that she has been practicing to use mushrooms, not to kill, but to heal.

Thanks for reading!

The staff wants to keep this place a very safe environment for everyone. This has always been the way UR has been run and will be. It is how the staff wants it.

Just imagine a player going berserk posting LOADS of spam, bumps, insults, profanity, etc. that would easily get through if we do not monitor posts. It will get out of hand. A simple thread will turn into an undesirable, unreadable, and wasted thread if that happens. And it can happen to ALL the threads that are currently existing.

friday 18/06/2010

Thanks everyone who commented! Check out my new story, AMuseing Mystery, here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=1470625&subject_page=0

A classic whodunit with a twist or two.

Remember your link! guild:999414

Join, or they will find you...

Close please smiley

thursday 17/06/2010

We need you to make this guild rise!

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