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thursday 10/12/2009

I need all ulu watu cards except for stanly any good offer post here or Pm me please

Got her.

Please close this now.

Thanks Mods!

Willing to sell all at 55k a head plz pm me for a fast deal

For 1.2k clintz

9000 for copper 5000 for coby.

wednesday 09/12/2009

Got from a good guy
Close Please

Ok I now have Katan back in my collection and 0 exp.


Trading my Mona full exp. for your Striker any level (full is fine).
please pm me if interested

OP asked for this thread to be closed.

Thanks mods smiley

I'm buying loads of dahlia 0xp. Buying for 20K and maybe a few cards with that or just for cards

Just leave a massage in my profile for everyone who want to help me... smiley smiley


I have a deal in place, close please. Thank you mods.

Have a Vickie Cr i want to trade for a lot of cards/clintz

Pm me for a quick trade

Thanks mods you can close it now

Up 110 000 clintz

Close this plz mods.

Got them.

Please close this now.

Thanks mods! smiley

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