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wednesday 09/12/2009

At level 4: 9 000 Clintz / 6 952 960 Clintz / 99 999 999 Clintz
Good luck with that lol

Hi i am willing to trade my Scarlett cr Full xp.
Please make your offers.
No noob offers
I am willing to negotiate.
I will add about 100k worth of cards for a Manon cr any xp
thank you mods
Pm for faster response

Give your unwanted kristin and tobbie to me, keep it under the market price kristin (240 clintz) and tobbie (220 clintz)

Pan, Mini Mund and 400 clintz for Hawk

tuesday 08/12/2009

Ill give 1 kristen for 500 reply fast

Mini Mojo I hope you realize that probably NO ONE will buy this because you are asking for more than market price. If you buy them on the market you actually save money.

Close please. Cheers.

Hey Mods Just finished the deal
Can you close this please

All those dont add up to kenny or caelus, but i have both. pm me if interested. smiley

Ill take jim

I buy Marina with cards or clintz for 6.5k

Close Please, Sick of Noob posts and got most of what I need

I'm preparing to set up the cards for you also.

Also I have a posting for Rare cards but be warned that I am asking an unreasonable price for the Tomas card because I want to give it to my brother but if someone pays a ridiculous amount for it, that will supercede my giving it to my brother.

My sentenced is incomplete, what I meant was: I am looking for Tanaereva (U) and I am offering Dalhia and Hawkins. I believe those three cards are overpriced yet the price is fair at the moment.... xP hope it's clear now

U want vickie cr and u will trade me splata cr

I found a person nice enough to offer me the price I was asking for, please lock this thread.

Mods close plz

I'm searching for Vickie for my Caleus's

Hi, i'm looking for 0xp Dwain or 0xp Beltran for 54K

please pm me thanks

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