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tuesday 01/06/2010

Join mine if you want mate its called son of saints

monday 31/05/2010

Looking For: Active Members
English Speaking

Read please:

Guild no longer exists.

sunday 30/05/2010

Thanks for both imputs, i'll take both into consideration, they look interesting, UpperClass looks from outside exactly like what i am looking for so smiley i'll go lvl to 30 fast, if i can, considering a working week coming up.
This can be locked, to stop the mail spam smiley i'm gonna decide between the two who bothered to post here, ty guys smiley

are my top 3 favs

saturday 29/05/2010

Come try out C0mpl3x Society

I try to keep the forums interesting and relevant but could always use more ideas from dedicated forum lovers lol

most of us are down to earth friendly people and we also have a couple goofy ones in here

all I can say is come try us out. I cant promise we are what u need but don't knock it till you try it .smiley

/b/ is a new guild, but one that I hope will grow in numbers and skill. We offer equality and fairness. We share strategies, money and cards for the purpose of getting everyone better. But in order to benefit from /b/ everyone must contribute. Activity is important so we as a group will require weekly tournaments, once a week minimum, elo and other requirements. Anyone level 10 and up can join, please specify what kind of deck you are going to make as well. If you are interested, here is a link, thanks everyone!




Read please. smiley


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We are the academy for the guild - Time Conquers All , We train players in battle strategy, helping you become an active Urban Rival citizen, complete your collection and other areas to qualify and become a quality member of Time Conquers All. Most importantly we will have fun in Urban Rivals and treat everybody with respect. There will be many events including tournaments and lotteries. You will be awarded for your progress and achievements in Urban-Rivals . Please message our staff with any questions. Requirements: Level 20+ Less than 8% expired battles Hero rank or higher Must speak English.

Here is the link: guild:853526
If you are an higher than the expectations, Try for Time Conquers All


friday 28/05/2010

Everyone is welcome!

Here's a suggestion, tell the forum what you offer in your guild.


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Thank you

Looking for new recruits, level requirements are must be above level twelve, prefer english speaking/writing (Becuse you probably dont care about this ad if you can't speak or read english). This clan is small but building, with oppurtunity for everyone. We share tactics, Ideas, money and cards. (Yeah I know, socialism, if you dont like it you dont have to join) with organized events and contests to better ourselves. Please be a frequent player to maximize support. Thanks!

thursday 27/05/2010

Hey im Zhang_Fei brother of Lui Bei and Guan Yu. Im inviting all generals of the three kingdoms to this guild. Im and active player and I love Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors, so if you do please join.

As one of the Five Tiger Generals, I Zhang_Fei will defend Shu!!!!!

btw I need 3more members in just three days

Id_guild:964521 would love to have both of you!

How do i join?

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