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monday 07/12/2009

55,000 clintz

price is negotiable, post here or pm me for other offers..


Have 23791 clintz to my name and 13 cards total. need this for my deck i hope i can compete in daily tournaments, plz help =)

sunday 06/12/2009

Can close.

My melissa cr 0xp for 8 dahlias 0xp

Done close please

Close, she gone

Plz close mods deal is done

Why don't buy in the market? it was so + easy fast and security '-'

Looking for full or 0xp?

Im looking for Dwain Cr. I wull trade 10 terry cr s for him. I understand Terry's price does change allot so i will add the rest in clintz if i must.

Current terry cr price: 4 950 X 10 = 49 500
Current Dwain Cr price: 52 995

Therefore at this moment 10 terry cr plus 3495 clintz

1 messages

Sell private to me plz.

Mods plz close

Nautic0707 merci.

Anyone have one they want to get rid of?

Gantz PM ME offer

and anyone else?

Close mods

Got one. please close ty all

Basically a level 2 yayoi.

Starting bid: 8650

Buy Out: 9500

End date of acution: December 8th

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