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saturday 05/12/2009

My Melissa Cr 0xp + 15k in clintz for your Tessa Cr full

Selling it for 500k thats 50k cheaper than the market cards im looking for is

splata cr
riene cr
ombre cr
skullface cr
jim cr
a award cr
selysa cr
dwain cr
beltran cr
nahi cr

I STRESS I WILL NOT SEND TRADE FIRST so if you don't trust me than don't bother happy trading ^___^

friday 04/12/2009

Also other cards avidable

Hi, need striker, i can offer cards, example zatman (but need add)
write me! and sry for my better english smiley

Ok, let's try something a little more realistic, besides an ungodly ton of cash. I'm looking for reasonable trades.

Vickie 130k lamar 120k if you add a card like chikko cr i trade you

I m selling corvus 1 star 0xp for 4900

Jackie 3*=25,500
Dalhia full = 22,495

+a 10k?

Who are you trying to rip off here?

I would like to trade cards from the jungo clan for 0xp all stars.
I have all of the jungo and would like to trade them for mainly 0xp ceseare, but I'll take other offers.

Ill give you 5k for marina

Sold Close plzsmiley

Ill buy striker for 2500 dont sell it to holy wizy

If it lv 5 i put 2405

Lock please sold

0xp 3500
fullxp 2900

Buying jay for 4k

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