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tuesday 22/12/2009

I am trading my max Dragan Cr and Page Cr for the foloowing 4 cards

Vickie Cr
Lamar Cr
Kerozinn Cr

pm me plz

Thnx Mods

Why sell them when they're going to be CR..?
I'll buy one for 7900 clintz if you're still willing to sell.

And I want snow... =(

Looking to buy tessa cr for clintz
trading reine cr + clintz for tessa cr

monday 21/12/2009

I will give you:
Gaia Noel
1000 clintz

Done smiley

Close this thread plz

And wardom's price did rise again so ill go with my original offer

Im looking for 2 Olga Noel's and 2 Gaia Noels at 0xp. Im paying market price for the most part but PM me or leave a message. Also tradeing for them if you feels that a better deal for you.Thankssmiley

I want to buy Taham and Peeler for around 6000. We can discuss price.

Done ty can be closed

Do you have any non-copies? i have a jackie im willing to trade.

That is way over price i will buy your 4.9k or both for 9k

Sent you offer.

Sorry. Amiral Py is taken.

Splata gone thx mods

I retire my offer, i already exchange my Dragan Cr


For 42,000?

I sell cards like Psylo,Greow,Jalil,Otakool,Dash,Kawan and Fuzz..

Ako meron nag buy ako sa shop eh.

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