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saturday 13/06/2009

Selling or trading Berserkgirl Cr for a deal around 800k [the lowest current market price is 860k]

Looking for Miss Twice Cr and Tessa Cr in particular but they're not necessary I'm willing to negotiate PM me please

I have some clintz to add , well in the market Nobodroid is around 3k, and Niva is around 5k
so I will give 2k for adding it



Dood how good are your other cards

im willing to bye cards with 8/5 if you hav any

ill pay 5,000

Plsss close this. .tnx

This is why http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=486615&list people use him in tournaments to get money

This post is now closed. thank you for all the offers.

The rest of the cards till smileyo are on the market

Close plz

Close plz

If trade dont work try selling it in the market then buy the card u want.... good luck with that.. I would if i had those cards to trade. smiley

friday 12/06/2009

Please PM me with any questions or offers

Plz close it sold
thank you mods smiley

Mods or admins... can you close this?... smiley

Sorry but this is not allowed anymore.
before there is one person from globumm to marlysa cr

Well he was on yesterday

Marco (R) - 10.5k
Alec (R) - 19.5k

Please if Youre interested just private sell it to me..Thanks.

Please close I accidently made this subject without completing it!

Will be making another thanks!

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