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thursday 27/05/2010

How do i join?

wednesday 26/05/2010

Haha, whats wrong with the system?

i just happened to...haha

Deaths shadows massive an helpfull


Welcome to all levels , join up today and start the havoc! We will soon see whos the best!

Hey let me in one the guild

tuesday 25/05/2010

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Hi welcome to UR lol

Make sure to change the [ = ] to [ : ] so the hyperlink works.


You can choose to remake this thread with including a title too...

We need more members, please join smiley

Hehe love that movie XP

monday 24/05/2010

Just the place for the Flack the Bellman cried as he landed he crew with care. Supporting each man at the top of the tide with a finger intwined in his hair. Just the place for the Flack we said it now twice, Just the Place for the Flack Its Said three time and What is said three times must be true.
Haha thats not 100% correct but it sums it all quite nicely so welcome to the House Of Flack
We are currently welcomeing all new members

sunday 23/05/2010

Calling all recruits. Please keep in mind I am over 40th level and will be more than happy to set up guild events. I really want this to work as a mature place for mature players to discuss and strategize for ELO.

If you are a true fan... who is my picture of?

I'm pretty new to all this, but I find it so addicting.
I hope I'm posting in the right spot. Just wondering
where to go to have decks judged for tourny use.


Hello, Bal. smiley Long time no see... URBAN MADNESS would be glad to have you. Then again, I remember you sticking with E X C A L I B U R for the longest time. smiley

(So how's Ederon working for you? Dropped it already? smiley )

saturday 22/05/2010

Over The Horizon- and you are fighting me in fight type 2 i use phiranna, good luck! smiley

Great guild, I am pretty good myself, and I know this guild will be a really great guild.

Thx u all it is a great guild with great people

friday 21/05/2010

My girlfriend was going to start playing this game with me, but she was unable to select a starting deck (did they disappear?). When she registered, she was defaulted to the sent. (action deck I think). I think she wanted danger, is there any way to still select a starter deck before you register?

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