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saturday 22/08/2009

I will trade My Sylth for Chiara, Jay, and Aylen.PlZ and Thanks.

450 is too m,uch

I will sell Olga Noel for 400 clintz

I will sell you Phonos Sliman Timber and Vasaar for 370 clintz each

I have Tula and Rhed but ill give it for Scubb and 200 clintz.

Close please. thanks mods!

Looking to trade my maxed ongh for caleus+zeke. PM for faster results.

Please lock this mods

Looking for:
Tessa Cr
Lamar Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Dragan Cr

Close...they've all gone according to the main poster.

I know its lulabee is not enough
but i only got her

Close please smiley
ty mods

Actually, the prices right now are 7.2 for slyth and the skeelz you want... you might want to reconsider asking for extra clintz...

this is me offering those skeelz for slyth (no extra clintz)... smiley

Please tell me for mp

Plz close, thanx mods smiley

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