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saturday 22/08/2009

Deal for the 5 alecs smiley


2 Tanaereva any level
and 2 Alec

can renegotiate

so pm me

Im trading lamar cr for

4 any level jackie
and 1 any level zatman

thanx mods

I would like to buy the following cards

Ayleen : 2000 clintz

Tomas : 2000 clintz

PM me.

Thnx MOD'S smiley

For 2500 clintz or 2800

This reminds me. My Trades are now subject to change of course due to market fluctuations

Thread closed! Thanks!

I'll wanted Cassio CR I'm willing to offer Alec +3k

So u want to buy it i'll give it to you for 400

I'm trading MY lamar cr and striker. for YOUR tessa cr.

thanks mods. smiley

Sold...Close Please

I will give you Nistarok for kolos

friday 21/08/2009

Come on peoplesmiley

Close please

Delete this thread please!

The prices are off? ahhhhh market moves too much lol
My apologies on that.

Ok, I will be happy to add some to the list, just let me know what else you may need.
No insane offers pleasesmiley

All sold

mods please close this thread thanks

Thank you smiley

I want to have gil, what's your offer? smiley

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