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monday 17/08/2009

Hello, i can trade my Miss Twice 0Xp + Marco 0Xp for Vickie or Kerozinn.

Pv me if interested.

Thx Mod's

Please close .

i did trade them for tessa cr smiley .

Warren is interresting in elo! -->210clintz

Armanda Cr Has Been Sold smiley

I got Tessa, close plz smiley

Oh ok thanks

I'd prefer 5, although I'd probably accept 3-4 with other cards as filler.

It's a fair exchange in price terms. Vickie is selling for 109k and Chikko for about 9.5k. Alec is selling for roughly 24k, so about 120k for about 120k, with guaranteed long term price upside on the Vickie vs. greater risk/reward on the multiples of Alec smiley

6 alec + 1 marco

Paying 10k for kerry

This can be closed now thnx very much mods ^__smiley__smiley__^


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I don't want any more Bangers. I got them now. Anybody have Dean of the La Junta maxed.

Add in cardssmiley

sunday 16/08/2009

Closed all cards have been purchased sorry with exception of zlatar which neko placed 1500 on if he dosn't reply in a day or two I might have him but that's all folks


Close please

Close please

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