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wednesday 29/07/2009

Im selling all of them i dont care if you want to buy them in bulk or if you only want to buy 1 im would like 130clintz per card but we can work out a different price if needed post offers here and also please give me private messages with your offers.


This time it is different. name your price over 640 and the card is yours.

This will end midnight sunday the 2nd

Close this message pls admins thank you in advance

I'll pay 500

Lamar cr


Splata cr

Thx modz

I will buy elea for 400

Hi I am looking to buy either tessa or splata but I will need a good price,

I will not be able to get them both and I would love if I got some friendly and generous offers,

If you can help send me a pm and if not dont worry about it..


Please closed thx mod smiley

If that was your friend why did he answer your question like you would have answered it? if it was my friend that answered a question like that it would have been totally different seems suspicious to me

Looking to buy a Vickie Cr for 98000 clintz. plz pm a deal or counteroffer.

Thanks much smiley

If you dont mind them being full xp then i have them both


I'm trading 23 Ongh s and 10 Slyth s which is about 379 000 ctz for 12 Jackie s

Close please

Wait is this trade ombre or for

Close deal done smiley

Close pls

For 3 Jackies (0xp)


3 Jackies (Full) + Chikko Cr

PM me, I can buy him full for 7500 on the market, and that's his most used stage...

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