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sunday 30/08/2009

I want to buy a Hugo for 300 clintz

saturday 29/08/2009

Close Plz
Thx Everybody

How much do you want for Greesh (U) ?

Close this, The Trade Option 1 Has been done smiley

IDK why Jesusillo tryed to close it in the first place?

But now Im Done smiley

That offer actually works... i just feel terry is not worth ever owning. even as a CR

Close, and thanks all


How much for manfred?

I collect 0xp characters, and so do most collectors its obvious that you would give people some insentive to make the trade.

Hello i will trade my Lamar cr for 2 Alec.

Pm me for trade.

Thanks Mod's.

Mon:17 Terry (C) (134K clintz) dragan full( 380K clintz) selsya 0 exp(60K) beltran 0 exp(60) diyo 0 exp(25K) geuner full(25K) page 0 exp (30K) for marlysa full or 0 exp

mon cr = 714K
marlysa = 710K

The cards have all been sold, thank you for your time.

Buying caelus for 6500 clints..
that's all ive got for now...
but currently earning more clints...
pls pm me for the interested ones..

Im trading my 50 melvin for timbers and vansaars 0xp i will not take lvl 2 or 3 or 4 only 0xp or lvl 1 .

please i dont want any offer like 1 timber for 1 melvin smiley im not noob .

so if you have lots of 0xp timbers and vansaar PM .

Close please .

Looking for 2,5 M clintz/cr Negotiable.

I m really looking for Alec/ongh/dahlia/bloodh/jackie

6500 - 6900

I would add another 8

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