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tuesday 18/08/2009

Close please i have bought chikko cr for 9.5k.

PM me and i'll private sell u.

Close this please

I've sent you a PM smiley

New proposal:

Sigmund Cr full xp (aprox. 300.000 clintz)
Tessa Cr full xp (aprox. 160.000 clintz)
Lamar Cr (aprox. 135.000 clintz)
Miss Twice Cr full xp (aprox. 75.000 clintz)
Swidz Cr full xp (aprox. 35.000 clintz)

Total aprox. 715.000 clintz. Sent-me pm.

Looking to buy them all for about 2000-2500

All cards have been sold

I would like to trade my cards for marlysa cr my offer is...

dragan cr + sigmund cr 0exp + 50k = marlysa cr.

my offer is more than marlysa cr so this would be a good offer for you. thanks mods smiley

Lamar full + Vickie 0 Xp + 2 Miss twice cr full and 0Xp

Title says it all..

i want to trade my full wee lee and chad bread for 0xp jackie..

pm or post here..

You do still have a thread open for this....

The auction started at 108,999 clintz, and her lowest market price is 109,000.

Noboy is paying more than the market price. I'd rather buy it on the market than here.

Mods close i made the deal already. smiley

Mods, you can close this thread, thank you

How about Tanaereva + Kolos + Jackie + Alec + Coby for Vickie Cr?

Want to sell and want to trade

Lol i'm gusseing for the guild event

monday 17/08/2009

I can give u these cards below market price.
pm me if ur interested.

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