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sunday 30/08/2009

Title says it pm me a price or offer with what nomal cards you want not crs or leave something here

thanks mods

Close please. smiley

I am still looking...

but as Dalhia is a little more expensive, i will trade

1 Chikko 0xp + 2000 for a full + 2500 for a 0xp
Or 1 Ongh 0xp + 1000 for a full + 1500 for a 0xp

Petra - 1700
Uranus - 4500
Wakai - 450
Murray - 650

My slyth 0xp for a vermyn n both sold in private for 50 clintz any offers pm me or post here

I offer 10k and an ambre will negotiate more

Ty mods

I want to trade my Sylth for a Striker. I will also add some clintz if needed. THNX!

I am buying a picture for my profile on urban rivals:

i would like the following things on the the picture:

Anibal 2*
Words: Air_Jordan23

i will pay up to 5K for the picture

pm me
thanx modssmiley

I buy sakatsuki for 150 clintz

Whether you have 1 or 1000... Just put them in my private sales and I'll buy them.


Amelia (C) : 5
Kimberley (C) : 5
Mikki (C) : 5
Jenny (C) : 5
Kevin (C) : 5
Tunned (C) : 5
Natrang (C) : 5
Otome (C) : 5
Tatane (C) : 5
Dacha Macha (C) : 5
Nanastasia (C) : 5
Kharl (C) : 5
Dolly (C) : 5
Brutox (C) : 5
Gheistling (C) : 5
Lilith (C) : 5
Vryer (C) : 5
Strynge (C) : 5
Joana (C) : 5
Aldo (C) : 5
total : 100

bid starts : 175 Clintz per head
ends : monday august 31st at midnight

good luck everyone!

Close please
i have no luck

Close please smiley

I'm trading with Zatman can you add 1k?

I want to trade my toro for ur marina i also give u 1k or another card pm me plz

Sold finally, please close moderators thanks smiley

I'm lloking for Onik at 1 star 0xp...Perferably at arounf 700 if you can (I can go higher if needed) Leave a message or PM me...Thankssmiley

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